Where did it come from?
This happened was founded in 2007 by Chris O’Shea, Joel Gethin Lewis and Andreas Müller.
Now run and curated by Rosie Allen and Marion Lagedamont

Where are the talks? When are they? Who runs it?
This happened events are now organised across a few cities around the world. Check out the events page to find one near you.

Isn’t it like … ?
There are lots of great conference/talk style events out there, including PechaKucha / TED / Dorkbot / Creative Mornings, but they are all different to This happened. Our topic is always around interaction design & technology and our focus is on learnings/failures of real work not the speculative.

What is the format?
Each event will have 3-5 speakers, talking for 10-15 minutes followed by Q&A discussion.

Can I speak at This happened?
We don’t normally take requests to talk, each city is run independently and curate their own content.  You should make yourself known to the organisers in those cities, let them see if they like your work and if it fits with their curation.

Where does the money go?
What money? Events are free or have a small fee to discourage no-shows. The organisers & team does this not for money, but for the love & passion of an industry, they hold dear to their hearts. This is all in their spare time. Sometimes a sponsor will be used to cover venue hire fees, filming of the talks, nibbles or speaker travel expenses if appropriate, but no one gets paid.

Can I/we start This happened in our city?
Absolutely. Read here.