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For those who wish to start This happened in their city, a combination of guidelines and conditions.

Core values

  • It is about interaction design, with a focus on work that uses a new approach or explores a new process.
  • It is about the process of design & development, from the very beginning of a project to the end.
  • Presenters can only talk about 1 project, no portfolio showing.
  • The projects presented should be ones that have been completed or attempted. ¬†We want to avoid projects that are just ideas or plans.
  • Presentations are videoed, documented and shared online.

10 minute presentations followed by 10 minutes Q&A after each talk. In our experience, this forces presenters to be focused on what matters.

4-5 speakers per event.

The organisers (you?)
The organisers of a This happened should be practitioners and makers themselves.
The event is for the community and not an opportunity for the organisers to promote themselves.
Organisers do not do presentations of their work at their own event.
There must be at least 3 organisers for each location, not all working for the same company.

The presenters
This Happened is a curated event, to provide a well balanced evening of presentations and issues to discuss.

Presenters should not be from marketing or pr, but should be the builders, makers & designers.

Money & sponsorship
This happened is absolutely not for profit – tickets to attend events must always remain free.

Sponsors can be found to cover expenses (venue hire, equipment, travel) & a symbolic sum to cover organisers expenses, but in no instance should organisers profit from the event.

To keep the atmosphere of sharing we feel it is very important that This Happened sponsors are entities that are as neutral as possible.

Organisers should never intend to start This happened as a one time event, but as a series of events.

We feel that there should be an event at least every six months, to keep the community engaged.

All presentations must be recorded on video and uploaded so that people worldwide can watch the talks from your event. Documentation is essential for the overall This happened community.


Want to start This happened in your city?

Send us your details below and we will get back to you to find out more about you and start the process…

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