Announcing Amsterdam #5: 18 March 2013

We have another great lineup for the 5th Amsterdam This Happened, which will take place on Monday March 18th, 2013.:

Monobanda – designers of interactive experiences for surprising locations – will talk about “Light on Wood“, a light installation on top of a centuries old boat in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. The installation responds to visitors with stories of light and sound.

Dieter vandoren
Integration.04 is a live performance by Dieter Vandoren. His instrument projects light and sound structures in a fog-filled space, immersing both him and the audience in it. He manipulates the ephemeral audiovisual shapes as if they were tangible materials, taking cues from the interaction between the human body and an acoustical instrument. The abstract digital processes are thus projected into physical, experiential space. Playing – and witnessing – it becomes a strong embodied experience.

This Happened Amsterdam #5 will feature a special live performance of Integration.04!

Happiness (Brussels)
To promote EOS magazine, a Belgian magazine specialized in science, ecology and technology, Happiness Brussels came up with a campaign that bundles these three domains in an interactive way. We decided to make a tree talk, in Brussels, and let the whole world know what it has to say. You can follow the Talking Tree on Twitter, Facebook, and many more.

Nacho (for Wieden+Kennedy / Coca Cola)
Nacho will talk about what he learned in the making process of Coca-Cola Sitelets. A digital project developed in collaboration with Random for Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

Happiness Islands

Find a reservation link at the event page, or at the website of the Brakke Grond



Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond
Nes 45
1012 KD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

This event is organized in collaboration with Flemish Arts Centre ‘De Brakke Grond’.






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