Announcing Rotterdam #2

After a lovely and packed first edition of This happened in Rotterdam, we are extremely excited to announce an action-packed second event in the evening of Thursday, September 26, 2013. The event will again take place in WORM in collaboration with Designplatform Rotterdam.

What do we mean with action-packed lineup, you may ask? Well let me introduce them:

A car you can drive  on a regular highway that can instantly transform into a real flying gyrocopter! Robert Barnhoorn – director of Spark Design & Innovation – will talk about the development, the struggles, the bureaucracy of a dream: the PAL-V, a flying car or roadable aircraft.

A suitcase containing 3d printed, laser cut and other open source materials that makes you turn any object into a drone! Jasper van Loenen will talk about Drone it Yourself (DIY), his graduation project at the Piet Zwart Institute. Imagine taking his suitcase outside, connect  four motors and a control unit with custom clamps to any object you see fit and send it up in the air.

A solar powered waiting point for teens waiting for each other to cycle to school! To communicate the advantages of a cycle road that generates solar energy, Emma Heitbrink gave some of that energy back in the morning to high school students to provide them with a special custom experience as they wait for each other before driving to school.

A concert hall that recombines parts of an Airbus and materials from Tropicana to host great events! The audience gets a nesting doll/droste effect/déjà vu experience, when Césare Peeren explains how the room you are in was actually made by superusing existing materials.

That’s action-packed. We hope to see you at the Boomgaardstraat 71 two weeks from now: Thursday, September 26 at 20:00. Registration and more information is at:







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