Announcing London #16


Hello All,

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all on Friday 14th March 2014 with our 4 speakers to look at the failures, tips and solutions that come with hands on making. You can buy your tickets from 28th February @1pm HERE




Joe Smith – @joesmithdesign

Co-founder of Makerversity

Joe Headshot

Makerversity is a work space for start-up making and manufacturing businesses. They provide access to a range of fabrication and prototyping tools, spaces, event and learning facilities. Makerversity exist to support emerging practice, learning and employability opportunities for young people and kick-start the Third Industrial Revolution in the heart of London.

Joe will be explaining how he and his team created their amazing new workspace and what he learnt along the way.

makerversity work


Romain Meunier – @rom1london

Freelance maker and tinker

Romain Headshot

French-born, London-based Romain Meunier is an award-winner designer and artist. Meunier employs a variety of digital and analogue technologies to create playful installations that lend themselves to audience interaction. His work sits in between a virtual realm and the physical world, bringing together data flows and human senses through a personal blend of humour, cultural references and social interaction.

He is also particularly interested in moments when the public interacts with his works in unexpected ways.

Romain will be taking us through how he made his most recent installation, “Mon Violon d’Ingres”, that is currently displayed at the Reception of LCC. But also sharing what he learnt moving from student projects to professionally commissioned work.

Romain's work


Valentin Spiess – @iartag

CEO of iart and engineer on the Mega Faces pavilion at the Russian Sochi games

Valentine Headshot

Valentin Spiess is an electrical engineer and working in the field of new media since 1993. In 2001 he founded the company iart as an engineering office for planning, expertise and implementation of media projects. Together with a small interdisciplinary team, he realised in the same year the media of the Museum for Communication in Bern, followed by the media display of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. The field of activity included hardware and software development, media design, planning and implementation.

As an engineer who worked on the Kinetic facade at the Sochi games, designed by Asif Khan author and creator, Valentin has lots of insights and stories to tell about the making and unveiling of this prestigious art piece.

iart kinetic facade


Di Mainstone – @DiMainstone

Artist, researcher and creator of The Human Harp Project

Di Headshot

Di Mainstone creates body-centric sculptures, designed to initiate movement and storytelling. Many of these wearable artefacts are inspired by technology. Some of them release sound when handled. Often, they can be modified to create new silhouettes, environments and functionalities. All of them tell a story.

Di’s body-centric devices have been performed most notably at The V&A, The Barbican, The National Portrait Gallery, Eyebeam NYC and the Swedish National Touring Theatre. Each happening is unique, revealing openings for audience and performer encounters. Di’s work can also be seen in films, which she writes and directs.

Di will be reflecting on The Human Harp project thus far and all that she has overcome; taking her own nuggets of advice with her as this ongoing project never ceases to evolve.

Di artwork







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