Announcing Utrecht #14

Great succes! We’ve just finalised the speakers for the 14th This Happened in Utrecht, and we’re super excited. On the 10th of september you can learn more about the ‘making of’ of these fantastic projects:

It was all over the news: Bart Jansen turned his cat, Orville, into a quadcopter. He’ll explain the process behind this artpiece. Philip Ross developed the Fonckel light, a lamp that likes to be touched. Diana Wildschut co-created the Knopjesmuseum (museum of buttons) in Amersfoort, a museum with a twist. And Marina Toeters combines sensors, new fabrics, and haute couture.

You can read more about the speakers and their projects on the event page, where you can also find the link to register for the event on monday, August 27 at 12 noon.

We hope to see you there!

Evelyn, Ianus & Tijmen






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