Bristol #1


Josh Eggleton

Josh Eggleton Talks About Dining Design from This Happened Bristol on Vimeo.

Adam Spiers

Adam Spiers Talks About The Question from This Happened Bristol on Vimeo.

Sam Hoey

Sam Hoey Talks About Mimosa from This Happened Bristol on Vimeo.


The event will bring together 4 speakers:  robotics researcher Adam Spiers, Sam Hoey of architectural/art practice Jason Bruges, Music technologist Sarah Nicholls and Michelin-starred chef Josh Eggleton of the Pony and Trap.

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Get your tickets (they are only £5):

If you are wondering where your money is going don’t worry we aren’t off to Antigua, it helps us cover the costs of things like travel for the lovely people who come along to speak to you for free and other expenses. We never make a profit it only ever goes back in to putting on more great stuff for you to come to.

The Milk Thistle are kindly providing the venue for free. Please thank them by buying a drink. We recommend the cocktails.


The Milk Thistle
Quay Head House, Colston Avenue, Bristol BS1 1EB