Bristol #2



Martin Roth

Martin Roth Talks About Interaction, Music and RJDJ from This Happened Bristol on Vimeo.

Tom Lawton

Tom Lawton Talks About Bubble Scope from This Happened Bristol on Vimeo.

Lesley Seymour

Lesley Seymour Talks About Design in Groups for Sustainability from This Happened Bristol on Vimeo.


Martin Roth

CTO of the fantastic RJDJ and inventor of sonic experiences.

Martin will be talking about the inspriation,  experiences and process behind the development of the various marvellous apps and sonic experiences he has made.

Tom Lawton

The inventor of the rather brilliant bubblescope.

Tom’s going to talk through the inception and invention of the bubblescope. Letting us know what its like to grow, develop and manfacturer a product for market.

Lesley Seymour

Sustainable development consultant at Buro Happold

Lesley is going to take us through they ways in which she gets her teams thinking about the problems they are posed with and ultimately how that ends up effecting the experience people have in the spaces they design.



This second event is on the 17th of July at the Bristol County Sports Club slap bang in the centre, the doors open at 18.30pm. We have a limited number of tickets so please do book early.

Bristol County Sports Club

40 Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5AE

The event will bring together 3 speakers. We have the following fantastic folk coming to talk;