New organisers of This happened London

This happened started in London in 2007 by Chris O’Shea, Joel Gethin Lewis and Andreas Müller. We wanted to start our ideal event that would cater to our interest as designers and practitioners, looking at process, how interaction projects actually get made. The London event has become very popular, with tickets being booked up within seconds. We are very happy that the format has spread to other cities such as Edinburgh, Utrecht, Limerick & Hong Kong.

Unfortunately we organised the events in our spare time, so as things started to get bigger, we found it difficult to concentrate on the event and put effort into the growth and global community of This happened at the same time. So as of 2011, the three founder will resign from organising the This happened London events.

From here forwards we will put our energy into managing the ‘foundation’ of This happened, its future directions, the online community and assisting others in starting the event in their cities. Hopefully this focus will allow This happened to grow into something much larger, more open and across the world.

This means that the London event is now organised by these lovely people…

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Russell Davies and Ben Hammersley. Welcome! We are proud to have you on-board and excited to come to your events in the future.

In February we all had a breakfast together at the Shepherdess Cafe to hand over the reins and our contacts. The new organisers are busy with their plans for the next event, so keep your eyes here.

Please note that London has its own Twitter account now, so follow @thishappenedlon for updates. The @this_happened account will be used for global news.






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