This Happened Bristol May 2013 – a little bit of magic

Hello all,

After a bit of a break to re-group, This Happened Bristol is back, bringing a bit of magic and sparkle to spring.

Our fifth event is on the 28th May at the beautiful Mauretania Bar and Lounge, the doors open at 6.30pm. We have a limited number of tickets so please do book early. Tickets are £5 plus fee.

As always, the event will bring together three great speakers focusing on the stories behind interaction design. Our confirmed speakers are:

Keiron Kirkland: Making magic
If you want to know how tricks are done, Kieron will explain, among other things, why asking a magician “how did you do that?” is the least useful question you could possibly ask.

He’ll explore what goes on in the mind of a magician when inventing a trick, how it goes way behind technique and is possibly one of the oldest processes of interaction design out there. It’ll include everything from playing with grand technological narratives to picking out the alpha male of a group.

Oh and he might find time to do some mind blowing magic as well. Just to prove he’s not a charlatan.

Michelle Palmer: Flaming Lotus
Michelle Palmer is part of Flaming Lotus, an eclectic group of Artists, welders, computer programmers, biotech researchers and cafe barristas. They produce some of the most striking of the pieces out at Burning Man and around the rest of the world. Michelle will be talking to us about making Serpent Mother, a 168ft long interactive stainless steel serpent with 41 flame effects along the spine which are entirely controlled by the audience. First shown at Burning Man in 2006, she has been since shown  in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Robodock technology festival in Amsterdam.  She is testament to what is possible when collaboration happens.

Ben Templeton: Magic Tate Ball

Tate challenged Thought Den to democratise art for the smartphone masses. Taking inspiration from the iconic Magic 8 Ball, they created a digital toy that uses GPS location, time of day, date, weather and ambient noise to select an artwork from the Tate collection relevant to that moment of your life. Available for both iPhone and Nokia Ovi, Magic Tate Ball is yours to shake, what artwork will this moment make?

The Venue

As ever, we rely on the generosity of friendly venues to give us a home. So thanks to the Mauretania for their support. Drinks will be available throughout the evening, so please demonstrate your gratitude at the bar.

Book your tickets at Eventbrite:

best wishes,

Tom Burton, Tom Mitchell and Clare Reddington