Theme: Making Process & Mistakes
When: Tuesday 16th June 2015
Where: Ustwo studio
Time: 12:30 – 14:30
Tickets: £5 from

We have 3 speakers sharing their making process, focussing on ONE project only and telling us what they learnt and mistakes along the way!
15 min talking and 15 min Q&A each.

Hosted kindly by ustwo, product studio


Luke Sturgeon speaking about his CIID project Reflextion

Reflextion is a toolbox for designers, a research method to discover how reflexivity affects our interpretation of a performance and our self-perception.

Avril O’Neal of ONN studio talking about Oyster Cards for Hens

Oyster Cards for Hen’s is a projects commissioned by FAI Farms to prototype a smart hen coop that will study the laying habits of hens.

Umesh Pandya of ustwo talking about Wayfindr
Wayfindr is a app to help blind people navigate the tube. A collaboration between (global digital product design studio) ustwo and the RLSB Youth Forum led to the rapid prototyping of an aid to navigation on the London transport network for vision-impaired people.


Luke Sturgeon – Reflextion

Avril O’Neal – Oyster cards for Hens

Umesh Pandya – Wayfindr