This happened Rotterdam #7


You are invited to This happened Rotterdam #7 at WORM! On Tuesday 13th October 2015 we are proud to present you an evening of fascinating projects to enjoy and discuss: 

Anner Tiete – X-II

X-II 400

Anner from will talk about X-II. X-II is a re-interpretation of the old school cassette mixtape and a novel way to discover music in this age of digital abundance. made the sharing of music more intimate and purposely slow with the introduction of scarcity and a cassette-tape like object. Anner will talk about designing, building and testing the product, but also the challenges they faced in launching a product in an industry that is still learning how to handle digital copyright.

John Tillema – The Things Gateway

Lora 400

John from research & development agency Tweetonig will talk about how curiosity and a few chance encounters led them to create an essential part of The Things Network. Tweetonig used to develop only internet of thing products but their curiosity led them to dive deeper and deeper into what makes this network tick, the infrastructure. At the same time the The Things Network community was crafting a great vision for an open source Internet of Things data network. They had the ideas and development power, but needed affordable truly open source hardware to make their vision come to live. When the two met, it quickly sparked the development of the Things Gateway.

Tweetonig is a development agency that creates connected products for commercial clients with the aim of patenting the innovations for their clients. Developing the Things Gateway in a super short deadline and with the aim to make it all open source after development, was a complete new challenge for the design team. In this talk they will share insights in the development of this hardware that is almost making his appearance on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Dimme & Erica – De wereld van verschil

Monkey Bizniz 400

Dimme and Erica from Monkeybizniz will talk about “De wereld van verschil” (The World of Difference), an online platform aimed at teenagers who are dealing with the (imminent) passing of a loved one. At This Happened they will talk about the beautiful digital environment they developed which is meant both as a conversation piece between the teenagers and adults as well as a personal sanctuary for reflection.

Tackling such a delicate subject is a daunting task. How do you respect the breadth of the emotional impact of the imminent death of a loved one while trying to converge to a unified interface? Dimme and Erica will explain the beginnings of this project, the partners that they needed and the process of how they got to the end result.

Dieter Vandoren – Lampyridae

Lampyridae 400

Dieter Vandoren will talk about Lampyridae, an art project created with Matteo Marangoni. Taking their name from the scientific denomination of the family of the fireflies, the Lampyridae are a swarm of semi-autonomous artificial creatures. In contrast to our daily-use electronic devices that stealthily send data all over the globe, these creatures communicate within a local area by exchanging signals that are situated entirely within the range of human perception: light and sound. They are also parasites. Lacking the means for locomotion, they rely on humans to move around and find their mates. Dieter will dive into how they created a swarm of creatures that sing, signal and seduce.

In collaboration with Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond,  Designplatform Rotterdam and hosted by Worm.

Tickets will be €6,- if ordered online and €7,- at the door (first come, first served).
Boomgaardsstraat 71
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