Hamburg #5

The event will take place in the Saal of the Kulturhaus III&70 right in the heart of Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel:
Kulturhaus III&70
Schulterblatt 73
20357 Hamburg
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Many thanks to our sponsors!

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Confirmed Speakers so far:

Emanuel Haas – “Dance Of Molecules”


An interactive, stereoscopic installation to perceive scientific theories of dynamical systems, which was exhibited and presented to public over two weeks at the „Museum of Perception“ in Graz.


Evan Boehm – “The Carp and the Seagull”


“The Carp and the Seagull” is an interactive short film about one man’s encounter with the spirit world and his fall from grace. It is a user driven narrative that tells a single story through the prism of two connected spaces.
Directed by Evan Boehm at Nexus Interactive Arts, the film is an experiment in space and narrative using the latest in web technology. The film brings together 3D character modeling, rigging and animation with HTML5 and WebGL.
Evan Boehm is an award winning director and coder who focuses on the use of technology in storytelling. With a background in computer engineering and 3D graphics, his work ranges from animated films to open source music videos to interactive web films to digital installations, always expressing his interest in narrative structures and character interaction. His goal is to always tell a story in a new, fantastic way using technology as the medium. Evan’s work has been shown internationally and he regularly gives lectures on technology and design.

Mathias Keswani & Christoph Mäschig / Nerdindustries – “The Audi Cube”

Audi Cube

A cube including an AUDI start/stop button and a LED display. When being pushed a GPS signal is transmitted to a driver and a countdown begins. Within 90 minutes the driver delivers a AUDI A8 to the location where the cube has been activated.
Talking about innovation is much more easier than actually developing them – especially when your client is a multinational corporation introducing a new car line. They gave us 12 weeks to figure out how to build it. Develop a prototype and then build 50 cubes for the launch.
The whole project has been an adventure. From euphoria through the 9 circles of hell, we are going to tell you the whole story.


Jürgen Alker – “versuchen – scheitern – besser machen”