IXD14 NL Edition

February 2014 interaction designers from all over the world flocked to Amsterdam to attent the Interaction14 conference. To celebrate this wonderful occasion, Pieter Diepenmaat, Ianus Keller & Alexander Zeh  put together a special This happend IXD14 edition! Many Interaction14 speakers and attendees joined the Dutch This happened community at de Brakke Grond for this amazing set of speakers:

Luna Maurer: Your Line or Mine

Your Line or Mine is an ever-growing animation film drawn by visitors of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Anyone can add to the animation while visiting the museum. An interactive table at the Blikopener Spot, offers sheets of paper with instructions, that allows visitors to draw and scan their frames of animation. These are immediately added to the animation projected in the space. The (intermediary) result can be found on the website and will be finished on the 10th of August 2014.

Luna Maurer is one of the founders of Amsterdam based interactive studio Moniker. With her studio and other artists she is part of the Conditional Design Collective. A group founded around 2008 that wants to transcend the chosen media such as graphic design, interaction design, media art and focues on the approach and process in the Conditional Design Manifesto.

Marie de Vos: dynamic boarding information above train platforms.

Over the last two years Edenspiekerman,  STBY  ProRail and NS Reizigers worked together on a Dynamic boarding information above train platforms that has been implemented in a pilot for three months at Den Bosch railway station. A 180m long display helps passengers decide where to wait and board their next train based on where it will stop, the location of the doors to the required carriages (2nd class, 1st class wheelchair access or bike storage) and available seats. The design and research has been nominated for the Rotterdam Design Prize 2013.

Marie de Vos is a design researcher at STBY, a design research agency based in London and Amsterdam. She studied cognitive psychology at Maastricht University and obtained an MSc. in media technology at Leiden University focussing on ‘creative research’.

Pieter Jan Pieters:  The Social Project

Imagine places for face to face offline social meetings, spots or social objects where online media will disappear. Imagine a way to switch off your online social life for a moment and enjoy being “social” again.

Pieter Jan Pieters is a designer and one of the founders of the Eindhoven based design studio OWOW. They create their own range of products with a focus on superior design, technology & engineering in a marriage with a lot of fun. Their goal is to be as ‘free and untamed as a child in a grownup and mature world’.

Christian Eckert & Andreas Wegner: designing an automotive interface

Designing automotive interfaces is a highly specialised interaction design discipline. Navigating the many safety and technological constrains while getting from idea to an intuitive, brand specific interface that many people use every day for years to come takes in depth knowledge and experience.

That’s why we are very happy to have Christian Eckert and Andres Wegner of Icon Incar as our speakers. Christian and Andreas  will talk about what it takes to develop a next-generation (auto)mobile interface.With over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry, both at BMW Group and Icon incar, Christian has worked on the interactive experience of concept cars well as production model cars.  As Head of Design at iconmobile Andreas works on cutting edge user experience projects for international clients across different industries, such as telecommunication, automotive and household appliances.

high res photo’s of the evening can be found at:

Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond
Nes 45
1012 KD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

This event is organized in collaboration with Flemish Arts Centre ‘De Brakke Grond’.