Limerick #1

Tim Redfern is an interactive artist based in Dublin. His practice encompasses interaction design, programming and electronics. Playhouse turns Dublin’s most iconic building into a full-colour public display with sound broadcast over FM radio. Presented as part of Dublin Theatre Festival, the project involved developing an architecture and tools to allow broadcasting of movies, animations and interactive content automatically.

Maximo Recio is a Graphic Designer from Madrid based in London. Even though his practice is clearly positioned within the realm of commercial design, Maximo seeks to pursue personal and playful projects as part of his research and inspiration. He will talk about the installation “Dialogues of Noise” – that utilizes standardised technology in an innovative way to measure sound levels in its direct environment. The presentation will expose the process behind the piece of work and analyze the value of a human element within the creative approach to interactivity.

Michael Markert is a media-artist specializing in programming and electronics. He is living in Nuremberg, Germany. The focus of his work is exploring harmonic musical control through intuitive and interactive realtime sensory processing thereby overruling hierarchic receptional mechanisms in art. Here he talks about the phonetic voicetopological space; the principal (sensory gestural interfaces) of his talking machines.

Jens Wunderling is a freelance interaction designer and media artist living and working in Berlin. His work focuses on emerging techniques and social media, as well as their impact on society. Jens graduated at the University of Arts, Berlin where he had studied in the Digital Media Class run by Prof. Joachim Sauter and Jussi Ängeslevä. He will disclose the long path of thoughts that led to the realisation of his graduation project “default to public