Crispin Jones – Tengu
Rory Hamilton of  LiveWork Studio – Baltic Gallery Newcastle
Dee Halligan of The Science Of – The Science of Spying
Massimo Banzi of – Founding The Arduino Project
Karsten Schmidt (aka Toxi) – LCF graduate show with Moving Brands

Held at Richmix, kindly sponsored by


  • Crispin Jones is a designer based in London. He talked about the development of Tengu, a sound reactive USB character, from early concept & prototyping to mass production.

  • Rory Hamilton is a design consultant, former course leader of Interaction Design at RCA, and now working for live|work. He talked about their work with Baltic gallery in Newcastle co-designing better user experiences.

  • The Science Of create science-based exhibitions and crossmedia products. Dee Halligan talked about the various types of commissioning processes and the production of a touring exhibit, using The Science of Spying (currently at the Science Museum) as an example.

  • Massimo Banzi is the founder of and co-fouder of the Arduino project. Starting with the birth of Arduino, he talk about the process of creating tools for designers, examples of how their use has evolved into new tools and future tools that help taking physical prototypes into actual products.

  • Karsten Schmidt (aka Toxi) is computational designer / artist and software developer. He talked about the process of creating a tangible user interface for the London College of Fashion graduate show at Moving Brands, about addressing the various design parameters from overcoming the limitation of available reacTIVision markers to building a multi-user capable and optimizing the display size of images.