London #26 – Climate Change

Theme – #climateoptimist

We’ll be hearing from artists, designers, scientists + makers of all kinds working on climate crisis projects in 15 min talks with a panel discussion and Q&A.

This is a pilot test to see if there is an appetite in London for a NEW TALK SERIES with a more focused topic of the climate crisis. Let me know if you’d like to get to contribute.

With all my heart,
Kate Pincott

PS: This will be my last ‘This Happened’ event as curator + organiser of the talk series for 4 years. Please get in touch if you would like to keep it alive and take over the sharing of interaction design making.


18:00 Welcome

18:05 Presentations

Intro to Topic – Mike Edwards ( – Environmental educator ( and co-founder of Sound Matters (

Speaker 1 – Inventor – Solveiga Pakštaitė ( – Bump mark/ Mimica touch (

Speaker 2 – Designer – Owen Thomas ( – Designers Intro to Sustainability (

Speaker 3 – Scientist – Andy Morse ( – Professor of Climate Impact at University of Liverpool (

Speaker 4 – Artist – Matteo Zamagni ( + work in progress short film (, about the environment.

20:10 Panel Discussion – Moderator – Julia Nutter a Creative Producer + Musician

20:30 Audience Q&A – 15 min

21:00 Finish

NOTE: Ticket sales cover the cost of filming, food and drink and speaker travel. This is a not for profit event.Thanks to our food providers Elysia ( and drink providers Toast Ale (


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Mike Edwards – Environmental educator and co-founder of Sound Matters

Mike Edwards has been working on the issue of climate change for over 25 years. He has a PhD in the links between climate change and security and has delivered lectures around the world on all aspects of the climate change threat. In the run up to COP21 in Paris, Mike was Climate Change Advisor to The Elders Foundation – an independent group of global leaders working together for peace and human rights ( Over recent years, Mike has been exploring innovative/creative ways to engage with the issue of climate change and has co-founded the project Sound Matters ( which uses sound to connect people to environmental issues in empowering ways. Mike is a highly sought after public speaker. He is also a world class didgeridoo player having recorded four studio albums and performed at festivals around the world.’

Solveiga Pakštaitė – Inventor

Mimica is developing an award-winning food expiry label called Mimica Touch (previously known as Bump Mark) that is set to disrupt the food packaging industry and have a dramatic impact on food waste.

Mimica is creating the next generation of food expiry labelling that reduces food waste and improves food safety. Our first product, Mimica Touch is a patent-pending bio-responsive food expiry label that reacts to the environment around it and provides tactile information.
sustainability, climate change, climate crisis, climate optimist, earth, nature, ecofriendly.

Owen Thomas – Designer

Owen Thomas has spent his working life in the world of branding and digital product design, partnering with clients across Europe, Asia and North America. After stints at Wolff Olins and Made by Many, he’s now a freelancer for hire, using his time between projects to learn about the climate crisis and the role his industry can play

Andy Morse – Professor of Climate Impact

Andy Morse is Professor of Climate Impacts at the University of Liverpool. He is a physicist by training and has researched the climate impacts on infectious disease for over 20 years.

Matteo Zamagni – New Media Artist

Matteo Zamagni is a new media artist based in London.He expresses his ideas through multi-media platforms : Video Direction, real-time and off-line graphics and interactive installations.

The root of his projects comes from ongoing research into the connections between mysticism and modern science, ecology and natural crisis.He explores the tension between solid matter and subtle fields, the recurring patterns between the macro and micro scale of nature, the conscious & unconscious mind, the body as interface