Jussi Ängeslevä of ART+COM – Duality

Jack Schulze of Schulze & Webb – Olinda

Kenichi Okada – Animal Superpowers ( in collaboration with Chris Woebken)

Hattie Coppard of Snug & Outdoor – Snug
Held at the Roxy Bar & Screen. Kindly sponsored by Tinker.it


  • Jussi Ängeslevä splits this time between teaching at the University of Arts in Digital Media Berlin, and designing at ART+COM media agency. He talked about the process of creating Duality at ART+COM, a public space art installation in Tokyo. It’s a story of shuffling between crazy ideas in the drawing board to hardware / software development between Japan and Germany. Some parts went smoother than others, but the experience of the whole journey is definitely worth the story.

  • Schulze & Webb are a Design Consultancy working hands-on with companies to research and develop their technologies, products and strategy. The Schulze half of Schulze & Webb discussed the Olinda project, a prototype DAB radio that shares listening with friends, is customisable with modular hardware, and aims to provoke discussion on the future and design of radios for the home
    (commissioned by BBC Audio & Music R&D)

  • Kenichi Okada is a final year student of Design Interaction at the Royal College of Art. He talked about the process of creating Animal Superpowers, a series of toys as sensory enhancements for kids to experience special abilities such as 50x magnified ant vision, the perspective and voice of a giraffe & sensing tsunamis.
    (in collaboration with Chris Woebken)

  • Snug & Outdoor are artists who design innovative and imaginative playgrounds. Hattie Coppard discussed the design & development of Snug, a family of large-scale modular objects that children can use in any combination to create their own dynamic play landscapes.