Laura Culpan of Artwise Curators – British Airways Art Collection

Adam Cubitt of Glassworks – HeartWorks.

Ben Terrett and Russell Davies of Really Interesting Group – Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet (TOFHWOTI )

Matt Pyke and Karsten Schmidt of Universal Everything – Forever

Michael Cross – Bridge


  • Artwise is a London based curating practice which was founded in 1996. Artwise curate, commission and manage contemporary art projects internationally. Laura Culpan, Director and Curator of Artwise will talk about the commissions recently completed for British Airways’ lounges at Terminal 5 offering the opportunity to introduce multidisciplinary artists and designers into the BA Collection.

  • Adam Cubitt graduated from the National Centre for Computer Animation (Bournemouth University) in 2005 and subsequently joined Glassworks as part of the research and development team creating tools for visual effects. In 2006 Glassworks R&D, in collaboration with three anaesthetists from the London Heart Hospital, embarked on an ambitious project to create a real-time system to assist in the teaching of transoesophageal echocardiography. Adam will give an overview of how the cross-fertilisation of two highly specialist worlds grew into the medical simulator known as HeartWorks.

  • Really Interesting Group is a multi disciplinary organisation working in post digital design. Ben and Russell will be talking about Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet. TOFHWOTI is a collection of things from the internet we thought would work well on paper. We made it into a newspaper and had it printed with a limited edition run of 1,000.

  • Working with everything from pencils to generative design, Universal Everything is a diverse studio at the crossover between design and art. Motivated by the pursuit of the new, creative research and development are central, leading to self-initiated pieces and unique projects for brands, galleries, collectors and consumers. Matt Pyke and Karsten Schmidt will talk about Forever, an ever-changing audio-visual sculpture commissioned by the V&A. Using generative programming to create an infinite video work which responds to an evolving soundtrack, everyday, forever.

  • Michael Cross Is an experimental designer who makes extraordinary proposals for the world and then does all he can to drag them into reality. His best know work “Bridge” is a machine that lets you walk on water. Cross’ work seeks to question and explore the world of objects without stopping to ask whether something is possible before starting to build it.