Alexander Grünsteidl of Digital Wellbeing Labs – Digital Wellbeing Showroom

Jenhui Liao – The Self-Portrait Machine

Dotmancando – CoinFlipper

Shajay Bhooshan of Zaha Hadid Architects – Computer Graphics


  • Alexander Grünsteidl set up Digital Wellbeing Labs to bridge the last mile between the producers and the consumers of digital products and services. The aim is to develop and share a better understanding of how we can shape the interfaces between physical, brick-and-mortar retail spaces and online environments. Interfaces which are better suited to exchange information about digital products and services, and support transactions, driven by the changing requirements with the emergence of the internet. He will share some insights gained from running the Digital Wellbeing Showroom launched during the 2006 London Design Festival; the pilot for a new kind of retail environment for digital lifestyle products.

  • Jenhui Liao, born in 1982 in Taiwan, graduated from the Royal college of Art, London, in 2009. Jenhui works on the connections of humankind and machine. By creating experimental objects to represent the relationship between men and man-made machinery, he investigates the machine like complex of the Human mind. The Self-Portrait Machine, made in 2009, is a miniature of his understanding about how one’s self-identity been produced.

  • Dotmancando is interaction designer based in London. The ideas behind his works revolve around the psychological aspect of control. CoinFlipper is a decision making tool. CoinFlipper is 99.99% controllable, yet deliberately random. After the long calibrating procedure, the users can predict the result of coin flipping by adjusting the angle and power of CoinFlipper. Decision-making is no longer in the hands of fate or randomness, but in the true intentions of the users.

  • Shajay Bhooshan is a architectural researcher working at Zaha Hadid Architects and a course tutor at the AA School of Architecture. The work of the research group focuses on the potentials of cross-insemination between Architecture and the Computer Graphics industry. He will present the experience gained from a recent project that attempted to operate within such interstices.