The very first This happened in Rotterdam: the city best known for making things happen (and not talk about it). In collaboration with Designplatform Rotterdam and hosted by Worm.


  • Perceptor talks about MENDO. Perceptor is a design studio creating cutting-edge experiences, from concept to completion, founded by Bastiaan Terhorst and Casper Schipper in 2008.  Amsterdam-based creative bookstore MENDO asked Perceptor to create an online counterpart to their book store. This resulted in a website that feels like visiting a bookshop with shelves and works great and comfortable on an iPad and other tablets.

  • Mattijs Kneppers talks about (the ongoing) development of his live performance tool ShowSync. Electronic music artist Feed Me already uses ShowSync for his remarkable live shows so he can freely improvise music, lighting and video all at the same time.

  • Kristi Kuusk talks about Bedtime Stories. Kristi Kuusk is a PhD candidate at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) Bridging Textile and Interactive Product Design. Bedtime Stories consists of a set of bed sheets that have images woven into the fabric for children. The images are recognizable by a custom made software and create interaction possibilities between digital and physical worlds, generations, past and future.