September 2013 was a good This happened month. We saw Hamburg, Utrecht and Rotterdam host an edition. Rotterdam featured a flying car, a solar waiting post, a talk about we were in and Drone it Yourself!

In collaboration with Designplatform Rotterdam and hosted by Worm.


  • Jasper van Loenen is an independent designer in the field of interaction / information design and art. Jasper graduated from the Networked Media master at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. The DIY (Drone It Yourself) v1.0 kit offers you the opportunity to turn any object into a drone, simply by attaching four motors and a control unit – no technical know-how needed.


  • Césare Peeren is one of the founders of Superuse Studios, formerly known as 2012Architecten, specialized in building for a sustainable society: Superusing available flows and resources and connecting them into urban ecosystems. For WORM they have created a new base in Rotterdam, with a a concert hall, which combines reclaimed white/brown cladding with acoustic wall and ceiling panels from an Indonesian Airlines Airbus, orange airplane chairs and recycled airport lamps, to create an exceptional kind of “Nouveau Chique” look.


    Robert Barnhoorn – Director of Spark design & innovation – talked about how the impossible was made possible: how the PAL-V flying car came to be. For a hundred years, designers and engineers have been dreaming of the ‘flying car’. Countless prototypes have been developed, including cars with wing attachments. Until now without technical or commercial success. Spark and PAL-V Europe NV, however, are on the brink of realising this dream with the PAL-V: an innovative new vehicle that drives like a car and flies like a gyrocopter.

    Creating a flying car is far from easy (get a quick overview of the challenge). But for it to have any chance of being commercially successful Robert and the team needed to also make it safe, simple to control, comfortable, stylish and pass enough tests to be allowed to be flown with a recreational pilot license. Come and enjoy the story of this 12 year journey and see your childhood dream come to life.

  • Emma Heitbrink is a student at the TU Delft, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. In her bachelor final project she helped TNO in the communication around SolaRoad, a cycle path that incorporates solar cells to generate energy. With SolarZone, Emma offers school kids a place near the cycle path, where they can wait for each other, while getting informed about the SolaRoad.