After your wonderful holiday we invited you back to WORM for This happened Rotterdam #4. On Monday Aug the 25th we are proud to present you an evening of fascinating projects to enjoy and discuss:

As always supported by Designplatform Rotterdam and hosted at WORM.


  • Pieter Omvlee – founder of Bohemian Coding – talked about Sketch which challenges Adobe’s Photoshop as the go-to professional digital design tool. Sketch is used by a growing number of designers from freelancers to design teams at Facebook, Google to create applications, icons and websites. Pieter talked about what it takes to design an exemplary design tool.

  • Jonas Martens talked about Perpetual Plastic, an installation that transforms plastic waste into 3D printed objects, which eventually becomes plastic waste and can be printed into new objects. Plastic is a valuable (and finite) resource. So how can it happen that less then 10% of the plastics worldwide get recycled? The Perpetual Plastic Project team makes an intervention with an interactive installation, bypassing current waste management systems. The installation gives people an incentive to hand in their waste: a throwaway cup for a ring!

  • Koen van Niekerk – VanBerlo – talked about the development of the Atus Smartbadge and what it is like to create a connected product when you are not Google’s size. Koen is Interaction Design Director at VanBerlo where he and his team work on UX projects for commercial clients. These projects often center around creating the right experience or optimising complex tasks and workflows. Increasingly this involves “connected products”, “distributed interfaces” and “wearables”. Sometimes all of them at the same time, like in the case of the Smartbadge they designed for Atus. Koen talked about this process and what it is like to create a connected product when you are not Google’s size.

  • Arne Boon & Aduén Darriba Frederiks – Studio Aan – talked about the urinal/beer-tap mashup Plastap that makes you think different about pee.  The Plastap (pee-tap) is a urinal / beer-tap mashup. Participators get an amount of beer exact to the amount they peed. Besides being a fun experience the Plastap is the start of a closed loop ecology. In a world where we mine phosphorous in the USA, ship it as fertilizer to spain to grow tomatoes, eat them in Holland and burn our phosphorous in a waste incinerator we are currently depleting resources. Arne & Aduén talked about creating a fun festival experience that makes you think different about pee.