• Werner Jainek is designer and developer at Cultured Code. They are the makers of Things a task management application for Mac OS X and the iPhone. A large part of Things’ interaction design is a collaborative effort by the Cultured Code team. Werner will share details of this unique process and the role sketches and mock-ups play in it.

  • Dirk van Oosterbosch, an Amsterdam based interaction designer, presented Fritzing. Fritzing is an open source application currently being developed to assist designers and artists in taking the steps from physical prototype to an actual product. The aim is to create a software application in the spirit of Processing and Arduino, that allows artists and designers to document their Arduino-based prototype and create a PCB layout for manufacturing.

  • Philine van der Vegte, of Supernana and MacCover, will be presenting the development of the supernana felt holders for the Moo Minicards that most interaction designers have come to love.

  • Fabian Akker was part of a team of students who designed a game for the municipality of the city of Utrecht. The game, titled De Blob, allowed players to explore the city centre as it will be in the future after its current redevelopment has finished. The game’s concept was later acquired by THQ, and is now a major title on the Nintendo Wii and DS, and the iPhone. Fabian and several of the original team went on to establish the independent studio Ronimo Games.