Kindly hosted by Playgrounds Festival.

Veemarktstraat 44
5038 CV Tilburg
The Netherlands

Note: a Playgrounds Friday Single Day Ticket is required for admittance.


  • Tak Fung (Supermono) talks about Forever Drive, an arcade-style futuristic racer for iOS. Players race their cars through the crowd-sourced streets of a massive city. Drive Forever allows players to design new tracks and submit them to the world. Supermono themselves say the game is “sort of like Outrun-meets-SimCity, in the future, online.” This is the first time they’ll talk about its design process in public.

    Before starting Supermono together with Dave Ferner, Tak worked as a graphics programmer at Peter Molyneux’s Lionhead Studios, where he contributed to the Fable series and The Movies. Later, he worked at UnitedVisualArtists on projects such as the lighting for a 2008 Massive Attack concert, and Array, an installation for the Chuya Nakahara Memorial Museum in Southern Japan.

  • Silje Dehli (N) is a product designer who teaches at the TU Delft, facilitates and designs medical products. Maarten Mulder (NL) is a business consultant. Together with Sara Andersson (S) and Kevin Geers (B), a multinational team of designers, they developed Slaapaap, a pillow-for-two that helps people come closer to their loved ones. To bring people closer they participated in the international pillow fight day 2010 in Rotterdam and organized their own during the Museumnacht Delft.

  • Rob Hebing talks about Bench, an interactive piece of furniture. Bench responds to those seated on it by taking on a variety of shapes. Its behavior ranges from accommodating to comforting and from challenging to threatening. As such it highlights the active nature of sitting, and it demonstrates that interaction design can contribute to even the most mundane situations.

    Bench was Rob’s graduation project at Avans Hogeschool Tilburg. He received an honorable mention for it from the 2010 STRP Talent Pit jury. Before starting his independent practice focused on “futuristic, interactive installations which merge design, art and technology”, Rob worked as a designer and researcher at Studio Roosegaarde.

  • Sonia Cillari talks about Sensitive to Pleasure, a performative electric-field sensing and sound environment that emphasizes the controversial relationship with her own work in front of the public over time.

    Sonia is an italian media artist and architect, living and working in Amsterdam. Her work involves the creation of sensorial and perceptual mechanisms in immersive and augmented environments. Her artistic investigation examines how patterns of consciousness, perception and identity emerge in such settings. Over the last years she has been specifically interested in a field of research concerning the ‘Body as Interface’.

    She has been artist in residence at Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Netherlands Media Art Institute/NIMK, STEIM: Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music, M4gastatelier (Amsterdam, NL), V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam, NL), [ars]numerica (Montbeliard, FR) and Claudio Buziol Foundation (Venice, IT). Her interactive installations, which are at the intersection of architecture and performance art, have been exhibited and presented internationally.