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The Netherlands


  • Leonard Verhoef (@leonardverhoef) talks about the Dutch Railways ticket vending machine (aka NS Kaartautomaat). Leonard has been involved with the ticket vending machines since 1985, when the 80 destiny button machine didn’t take the psychology of the user in account. His first psychological sketch for the current touch screen version dates from 1999 and hasn’t changed since then. It can´t change because the biology of mankind hasn’t changed and wil not change in 100.000 years.

  • Onno Faber (@ogtfaber) talks about the Ding Dong App. Onno is an architect, designer and internet entrepreneur. Ding Dong (@usedingdong) is a low threshold, instant way to temporary share location with someone or something else: …like a GPS Doorbell

  • Joris van Tubergen talks about the Kamermaker. Joris is the creative director of the Protospace FabLab in Utrecht and is a pioneer in open source digital fabrication. Kamermaker is the world’s first movable pavilion that can 3D print entire rooms of plastics made on initiative by DUS architects in collaboration with Ultimaker Ltd, Protospace, Open Coop, and a number of volunteer enthusiasts.

  • Cheap fashion pollutes our planet. The textile industry points to the consumers to start a change. But the consumers point to the industry, if they think about it at all…AARGH! UNI2 changes all this. Similar to local energy communities -popular in for instance Germany- UNI2 creates a local cradle to cradle textile community that is fashionable, fun and sustainable. Lilian Bosch, researcher and interaction designer and Hanne Marckmann, researcher and play designer will talk about how the concept was created by Team Sapling, a group of fashion designers, interaction designers and game artists.