A hot summer deserves hot projects at the summer edition of This Happened. Once again we’ve been lucky enough to find interesting speakers who were willing to give us insight into their design process, to explain the issues they came across, and the choices they ultimately made to make their projects a success. A fourth speaker will be announced soon.

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HKU Akademietheater
Janskerkhof 17
3512 BM Utrecht
The Netherlands


  • Marrije Schaake is a well known spider in Utrecht’s digital web. She will talk about a project that once a year explodes with use: onzelootjes.nl. The service allows you to exchange presents during Sinterklaas or Christmas.

  • Rick Companje has had a busy year: his Doodle 3D project, which turns childrens drawings into 3D printed objects, took off on kickstarter.com. How did he design the app? Are children an obvious target audience for tablets apps?

  • Mieke Meijer will tell us about an interesting collaboration with Peugeot, in which an unexpected material was used in a futuristic conceptcar’s interior design: old newspapers.

  • Indie game developer studio Abbey Games created a god-game which was a hit during Steam Summer Sale and is nominated for the Cinekid New Media Award. In this game, the player controls four giants, influencing the human population in the world. The game is called Reus.