During the adventurous art festival Tweetakt & Kaap, we are once again showing you the “making-of” of 4 great projects, and give you the opportunity to ask the creators your questions.

HKU Akademietheater
Janskerkhof 17, Utrecht
The Netherlands

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  • Marjolijn Ruyg & Rob van der Haar talk about the design of De Digitale Stad, which started 20 years ago. The transition to the web in DDS 3.0 was a radical and innovative website which included a sense of location, presence and collaboration.

  • Perceptor talks about Crowdpilot. An app and a service that lets you crowdsource your social interactions by bringing a group of your friends or strangers along to listen in and assist you in any situation. Crowdpilot was done in collaboration with Lauren McCarthy and made possible by Intel Labs and Rhizome. On its launch in February, the Twittersphere thought the end of humanity was near, but the pressloved it.

  • Roderick Gadellaa (@rgadellaa) of Stichting z25.org (@z25org)will talk about Oantinken (remembrance), an interactive installation at the Noorderzon festival. Visitors make pictures with an app and the Oantinken installations conserves these memories in a huge wall of bottles. The project is a collaboration with Tryater and based on concepts that were developed by HKU students.

  • Thomas Clever (@thomasclever) of Clever Franke will talk about the work they did for Google on the Consumer Barometer. This tool gives companies insight into the online purchasing behaviour of consumers. For example, do people buy shoes online a lot in the Netherlands?
    The project seems well documented and the result of a thorough design methodology.