• Niels Keetels is a game design researcher at the Utrecht School of the Arts. He’ll talk about Softbody; an EMMA graduation project he worked on with four others. Softbody is a game that combines open-ended and goal-directed play in an elegant manner. The game’s mechanics were inspired by observations of children at play during field research at primary schools. Besides being decorative, the surrealist graphics give the player a sense of progression through changes in the environment. In this way the otherwise unpopulated game world is the game’s most important protagonist.

  • Sanne Kistemaker, user centered designer at Muzus, will present Piece of Family: a tool that enables elderly to communicate with their family without a computer, using regular pen and paper, a scanner and a weblog. The system was developed using generative tools and contextmapping as a means to involve the user in the design process (co-creation). The design won her a “design for all” award at the Dutch Design Awards in 2007.

  • Irene van Peer, a seasoned and awarded product designer, traveled to the townships in South Africa to work with a group of colleagues on a sanitation project. Based on conversations with people she came upon a simple, yet ingenious soution to convert the cap of an empty bottle into a homemade tap for washing your hands with a limited amount of water: the Mahlangu Handwasher. The design does not only include the tap, but also the instructions, which can be passed on from one to another.

  • Naomi Schiphorst and Mieke Vullings will talk about MIMOA (My Modern Architecture) – a free and open guide to modern architecture, which they started in 2006. MIMOA offers you all the information you need to find and visit buildings, parks, bridges, public interiors and art in public space. The founders’ vision was to not only cater to architects, but also serve a broader audience. They’re aiming to build a durable service with a dedicated community. MIMOA currently has more than 4500 registered users, and contains over 2500 projects.