To celebrate 5 years of This happened – Utrecht, we will return to the classics of interaction design for the 20th edition on June 23rd in Utrecht. Classic designers, classic projects, classic approaches.

HKU Akademietheater
Janskerkhof 17, Utrecht
The Netherlands


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  • Kars Alfrink, the founder of This happened – Utrecht returns to the stage to talk about Ripple Effect, a game to train Shell employees about safety. Ripple Effect emphasizes the collective nature of risk management and connects Shell staff and contractors globally, from office to frontline.

    Kars Alfrink is founder, partner & principal designer of Hubbub, an international design studio specialized in new games for social change.

  • Lilian Henze will give a talk entitled Facilitating DIY, about the home installation of Internet and VOIP by KPN. With home observations on the problems during installation, they generated insights that helped redesigning of the packaging by Flex/the INNOVATIONLAB. With the final design KPN was able to dramatically decrease the cost of support by helpdesk and on-site technician while making the customer feel more empowered and selfconfident.
    Going deeper into Facilitating DIY, Lilian will also tell what happens to the results of this research in the organization of the client and other partners in the design process. The client doing DIY with user research.
    Lilian Henze is a partner at P5 Consultants and is currently finishing up her PhD at the TU Delft on how to communicate and deploy the results of user research in the design process.

  • As one of the first serious games created in the Netherlands, Meesters van de Macht (“Masters of Power”) put IJsfontein on the map. Winning a Bafta and a La Fletche d’Or award back in 1998/1999 helped cement their position as leaders in the field of serious gaming.
    In the game children have to learn about and apply the laws of nature in order to return a cat to its owner, the Master of Chance.

  • Yvonne Dröge Wendel talks about De Coupé an installation done in collaboration with Lino Hellings for the nursing home De Bieslandhof in Delft. In six comfortable seats arranged as though in a train, the (psychogeriatric) residents can experience a ‘ pleasurable form of doing nothing’ by traveling along the Dutch polder landscape. The entire process of this public domain art installation was continuously and meticulously documented from felt workshop to final design on the project website
    Yvonne is a visual artist, living and working in Amsterdam. Her work is concerned with the relationship between people and objects and challenging new ways of relating to things. She initiated the project and book An Architecture of Interaction, rolled the big Black Ball and is head of the Rietveld Fine Arts department. Presently she is doing a PHD trajectory at the University of Twente.