• Independent designer Lucy McRae lives and works in Amsterdam, where she explores the overlapping areas of fashion, technology and the human body; the latter being an enduring fascination caused by her education as a classical ballerina. She works alone, and as part of the Lucy and Bart collective. Lucy will talk about her recent research into low-tech ways of shape the human silhouette, titled Hyper Human.

  • Blendid is an interaction design collective consisting of David Kousemaker and Tim Olden. They’ve focused their work on the design and making of experimental interfaces. David and Tim will talk about their latest project named Swarm, a six meters wide light sculpture consisting of almost 500 elements that change their color in reaction to the people who walk underneath. Amongst other things, their presentation will look at their use of the open source 3D software Blender, and a set of custom-made tools.

  • In his presentation, panorama photographer Aldo Hoeben will provide us with a look behind the scenes of his Trompe l’Oeil installation. This 180-degrees panoramic projection in the entrance of the Willibrord church, a block from Theater Kikker, is the first finished project in the Trajectum Lumen program, which in the coming six months will become a new permanent attraction for the city of Utrecht. In this installation, panoramic photography and innovative projection mapping techniques come together to almost literally put one of Utrecht’s most hidden treasures in the spotlights.

  • Anouk Randag, service designer at 31Volts, will talk about FluxFloor, with which she graduated from Delft University of Technology. This project was the basis for the energy-converting dance floor that can now be found in Club WATT in Rotterdam. FluxFloor transforms the kinetic energy of dancing people into electricity, and provides visual feedback of the amount of energy they’ve generated so far. In this way the project provides a different perspective on what sustainable design can mean: in stead of optmising processes and reducing waste, it can be about challenging people and enriching their lives.