• Daan Roosegaarde is an artist working in Rotterdam, NL. Roosegaarde’s work explores the dynamic relation between architecture, people and e-culture. In this interaction his sculptures create a situation of ‘tactile high-tech’ where visitor and (public) space become one. Liquid Space 6.0 is an interactive space which physically becomes larger or smaller and darker or lighter in relation to human behavior. This fusion of mechanics, embedded electronics, sound and LEDs creates a real-time dialogue with its visitors.

  • Stella Boess is assistant professor at the TU Delft where she explores new methods for user research in and for design. Besides this, she pursues self-initiated and commissioned projects that investigate notions of product usage. One such project, a collaboration with Stefan Gross, is Love Hate Punch – a punching bag that lights up in the places it is hit. People who persist in working the bag are treated to a surprising bonus. In this manner it is a wonderful example of embodied interaction. The piece was exhibited at Re-ACT in 2008-2009.

  • Bas Teunisse and Lex van den Berg study Game Design & Development at the Utrecht School of the Arts and have cooperated with USC Interactive Media Division students for an exchange project. Paper Cakes is a “casual game” in which you guide a character named Doodle around a simple yet challenging maze on both the front and the back of a piece of paper, which you must fold to solve the challenges. Paper Cakes was built for Bamboo Minis; a platform created by Wacom Europe that offers developers and artists a chance to create small expressively interactive applications.

  • Govert de Vries is one of the founders of Swinxs – a games console for children which can be used outdoors. It’s a console without a screen; players interact with the machine through special wristbands and cards, the console provides feedback with sounds and lights. Games can be played alone or in a group and new games can be downloaded from a website. Swinxs games get children moving and can also be used for educational purposes.