Amelie Künzler / Sandro Engel


StreetPong is a concept about playful urban interactions. It’s based on the problem of waiting long time at pedestrian traffic lights. You can play during the red phase at a traffic light on a touch-screen display with an unknown, also waiting, person on the other side of the street. To look at each other across the street and engaging in a game creates contact. This makes StreetPong a platform for communication and interaction among people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.


The game began as a visualization of a project idea by Sandro Engel and Holger Michel. As part of a class of Prof. Wölwer at HAWK Hildesheim they developed the idea to StreetPong. After the video gained rapidly in popularity on the Internet and traditional media it is now being realized at a pedestrian traffic light in Hildesheim. For the technical realization Amelie Künzler were brought into the team. In cooperation „SWARCO“, the city of Hildesheim and the HAWK Hildesheim a prototype is currently developed.