Christian Heidemann

Christian Heidemann lives in Hamburg and works as a freelance Interactive Designer. Besides this job he conceptualizes and organizes exhibitions such as ‘Beyond Street Art’ or ‘All over the Kiez’ with regular irregularity. Before moving to Hamburg Christian had been a member of Galerie Revolver in Düsseldorf. For six years this gallery frequently presented
artists from various disciplines. Boris Hoppek, Harald Naegeli, Honet, Jim Avignon, Lily & Moki and Os Gemeos are some of the artists who exhibited at Galerie Revolver.

‘All over the Kiez’ was a photography exhibition that took place in and also featured images of St. Pauli, Hamburg. The curiosity of this event was that it did not take place within a gallery, but all around St. Pauli. Therefore, 52 photographs were spread across the district and were hung where they had been taken – in the streets, on buildings, wherever it was possible to place them.