Ella Keijzer

Fietslabyrint is an interactive bicycle tour.

When you start the tour you will cycle through beautiful Dutch cities and landscapes. You will see other people walking and cycling, children playing and well known landmarks. You will hear sounds from outside: birds, cars and your own bicycle. When you stop cycling, your interactive tour stops as well. At every intersection, you can choose where you want to go. With Fietslabyrint, experience a bicycle tour without going outside.

At the moment, Fietslabyrint is used in elderly houses at the physiotherapy department. It stimulates the elderly when they have their mandatory hour of physiotherapy. Since Fietslabyrint makes local tours, it is a way to have a conversation about the place where they grew up. It helps them stay in touch with the world outside.

Fietslabyrint is run by Job de Reus, Giannis Panagiotou and Ella Keijzer.

Ella Keijzer studied Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (BSc.) and Media Technology (MSc.). Besides Fietslabyrint, she works at a publisher to set up their digital media devision. She is also part of the experimental music collective Ella Empress and the Layers of Reality and co-writer for lizelot.net, a weblog for mothers.

Fietslabyrint on the Dutch radio.