Gianluca Zaffiro

Gianluca Zaffiro is with the Trends group at Telecom Italia’s Future Centre, part of the Strategy department. He explores how emerging technologies impacts on the Telecommunications business in order to contribute to the company’s strategic steering. He was responsible for the Market Interaction activities in the European FP6 Coordination Action PEACH on Presence from 2006 to 2009. From 2013 he is taking a similar responsibility in the European FP7 Coordination Action UrbanIxD.

He will present about the Mobile Territorial Lab (MTL) research initiative that has been created by Telecom Italia SKIL Lab, in cooperation with Telefonica I+D, the Human Dynamics group at MIT Media Lab, the Institute for Data Driven Design (ID3) and FBK, with contributions from Telecom Italia Future Centre. This project aims at creating an experimental environment to push forward the research on human-behavior analysis and interaction studies of people while in mobility. MTL involves a significant number of committed users equipped with a smartphone and an on-board dedicated software that collects, from the integrated sensors, personal, contextual and interaction data. The idea is to create a “living” laboratory that is naturally integrated in the real life of the territory as made up of committed users conducting their normal life and activities. Such a laboratory can be open to manifold kinds of experimentation, in particular for social and human interaction studies, mobile applications and services, digital city applications, human-device interaction, and investigation on new paradigms in personal data management. The data presents a valuable and unique source for investigating personal needs, community roles, phone usage patterns, etc. and for providing benefits to people in terms of personal, economic  and social benefits. Besides MTL adopts a user-centered Personal Data management, with the development of a Personal Data Store where the user have an active role in controlling the usage and sharing of their data: this represents a new paradigm of data privacy which consider not only data protection, but also data exploitation.

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