Jildw Albeda (Kiss the Frog)

Jildw Albeda (Kiss the Frog) will talked about “The captain’s logbook”, a magical interactive captains log crafted from paper and pixels for the Dutch Maritime museum.

The production of a very simple interactive booklet for the Dutch Maritime museum inspired Kiss the Frog to develop a new software-hardware combination. After some prototyping they created a reliable and magical interactive booklet, where the visitor can experience the trip of a VOC ship from Amsterdam to Batavia.

Jildw Albeda is educated as an Interaction Designer at the TU Delft. At Kiss the Frog she helps museums and other visitor attractions to involve the visitor in their (hi)story by using all kinds of (multi)media. Because she loves storytelling, the unkown and people, Jildw has set up MatroesjkaFilm where business movies and short films are produced.