Joannes Vandermeulen

Joannes Vandermeulen on bpost: an online information portal for counter staff at Belgian post offices.

Joannes Vandermeulen is the founder of Brussels based Namahn, one of the largest Interaction Design firms in Belgium. Namahn develops the Information architecture and interaction design for large scale & complex projects. Such as an applications for road and air trafffic control, UI for payment terminals, and interfaces for medical applications.
In 2007/2008 Namahn designed a new information portal for the bpost counter staff. The previous portal had information from different sources, that was often contradictory, and hard to find.
Namahn worked to incorporate all the data. Through observations of counter staff and card sorting excersizes, they devised a new classification scheme for bpost’s products and services. A design that 4 years later is still in use, and, which has expanded to the bpost call centers, because of its success.