Lilian Henze

Lilian Henze will give a talk entitled Facilitating DIY, about the home installation of Internet and VOIP by KPN. With home observations on the problems during installation, they generated insights that helped redesigning of the packaging by Flex/the INNOVATIONLAB. With the final design KPN was able to dramatically decrease the cost of support by helpdesk and on-site technician while making the customer feel more empowered and selfconfident.
Going deeper into Facilitating DIY, Lilian will also tell what happens to the results of this research in the organization of the client and other partners in the design process. The client doing DIY with user research.
Lilian Henze is a partner at P5 Consultants and is currently finishing up her PhD at the TU Delft on how to communicate and deploy the results of user research in the design process.