Mike Lee

The New Lemurs are a venture-funded app company established in Amsterdam last June with the goal of making games educational. Lemurs Chemistry: Water is their launch title, and their first attempt to not only create a new kind of game, but a new kind of company, in culture and in business, halfway between the Dutch Randstad and Silicon Valley.

As of this writing, the game is done and sitting in App Review. On the day of the event, it will be just after launch, when promises and ideas give way to real market performance. Join co-founder and “Alpha Primate” Mike Lee for a candid look back on the creative process of a dozen people giving their everything for a massive project. From the hours they worked, to the way they talked to each other, land mines were plentiful, and they were neither the same team, nor the same people, who started out so starry eyed six months before.

More than just a retrospective, Mike will compare this most recent experience in building a product, a team, and a company to his previous attempts, drawing many conclusions about the creative process in technology production, in general, and in contrast with standard practice on two continents.

Finally, Mike will attempt to create, more or less in real time, a plan for going forward with the New Lemurs whether the game hits or not. Don’t miss this rare, unscripted, and candid look at the thought processes of one of Europe’s most dynamic new business leaders in Europe’s most important new industry.