Oleg Suran

A series of interaction design workshops took place in Split (Croatia) and Maribor (Slovenia). Desktop Olympics was designed during interaction design workshop held at Magdalena festival in Maribor. It is an offshoot of the Olympic Summer and Winter Games, representing contemporary Olympic Games trough critical design approach. Just like the ancient Greeks turned their everyday objects and war tools (spears, discs) into props of olympic competition and play, Desktop Olympians reappropriate artefacts of our times for competitive and playful purposes. In Desktop Olympics, athletes compete with computer mice, qwerty keyboards and office computers in several, new disciplines, ranging from Notepad Fencing to Scroll Racing and Folder Wrestling. The first Desktop Olympics was held at the main square in Maribor and had seven Olympic disciplines.

Mentors: Erik Sandelin, Magnus Torstensson, Ivica Mitrovic, Sara Bozanic
Organizer: Magdalena festival Maribor 2009 and Department of visual communications design, Arts Academy, University of Split