Patrizia D’Olivo (Meedoen=Groeien!/Tu Delft)

Patrizia is doing her PHD at the Faculty of Industrial Design at TU Delft in cooperation with the the Princess Máxima Center, for pediatric oncology (Utrecht) and the support of the Revalidate Fonds.

4 years ago she started her research with the aim of fostering the psychosocial development of children with cancer. By using a Research through Design approach and a Socio-Ecological perspective that looks also at the family members of those children, she specifically explored how technology can be designed to tactfully empower them throughout the treatment phase.

She designed and developed Mr. V, a character aimed at bringing back normality and motivation in cherishing the family time spent together at home. Through fieldwork involving patients, patients’ families and medical professionals she found that these moments are crucial for the development and wellbeing of the child, however are often forgotten due to the disruptive situation generated by the illness. Patrizia, will discuss best practices for working together with vulnerable users and professionals from the healthcare context. We are excited to hear about her experiences and struggles working in this sensitive setting and designing for different users. Read more here