Rotterdam / 24 March 2013
<a href="">Pinar Temiz</a> talks about <a href="">[I Am] Floating in a Room</a>
Pinar Temiz (TR) is a sound designer, musician, installation artist and the founding member of Soundlings – international sound collective / network. She specializes herself in responsive / dynamic sound design and her works demonstrate a strong focus on the concept of sound as a behavioral response. Her installation works often become a playful melting pot for real-time audio, visuals, sensor-based technologies, micro-controllers, and her concepts underline her interest in artificial intelligence, biological processes, life-like systems. Being 'passionately-stubborn' about creating(interactive) experiences that engage people in time-stretched, subtle, somewhat in-voluntary, yet mindful ways, she often goes for a certain level of 'complexity' in system behavior, which is not 'visible' at first glance, but much like a piece of music, is to be appreciated over/in time. [I Am] Floating in a Room is a sound installation that deploys several custom-made mini-FM transmitters; suspended by balloons in a room, picking up the sounds of the visitors. Transmissions received by radios, are processed in custom audio software and redistributed to eight speakers; feeding back into the room, creating an evolving, uncanny soundscape, dependent on & responsive to the visitors’ activities.