Toby Barnes

Toby Barnes has spent the last 18 years designing, developing and launching a number of large and small online projects; working with large brand owners and generally preparing people for the future. Toby co-founded Mudlark, an award winning digital entertainment production company in September 2008. They continue to develop and launch their own products and IP through their practise as well as working with a range of content creators. He has spoken extensively on digital design, games, transmedia, cross-platform entertainment, social gaming and being a grumpy old geek. He is currently one of the Mayor of London’s Digital Advisors.

Chromaroma is a game that you play with your Oyster Card. Currently running across London with over 10,000 players it is a project that some have said “shouldn’t really exist”. Toby will talk about some of the core ideas behind the game, some of the design decisions, and the fight to get more data out into players hands.