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  • Solveiga Pakštaitė of Mimica – #climateoptimist

    Solveiga Pakštaitė of Mimica – #climateoptimist

  • Andy Morse – A Scientist’s perspective on the Climate Crisis – #climateoptimist

    Andy Morse – A Scientist’s perspective on the Climate Crisis – #climateoptimist

  • Owen Thomas – The Life Line – #climateoptimist

    Owen Thomas – The Life Line – #climateoptimist

  • THLON x LDF16

  • Hong Kong #4

  • Richard Harvey & Keivor John –  HarveyandJohn

    Richard Harvey & Keivor John – HarveyandJohn

  • John Wong

    John Wong, multi-media artist. Recognized as the CEO of DBIS Limited. Awarded by prized film work of “The Tourist”, “On Our Own”, “Drowning” and etc. Credited by hundreds of theatre performance with grand scale. Renowned by numerous multimedia designs, 3D interactive creations, musicals and concerts. Acknowledged by hundreds of both local and overseas artists and…

  • RochelleYang

    Rochelle is an artist, curator and educator who engaged in visual arts, performing arts and new media convergence. Currently, she teaches at Chinese University of Hong Kong. With years of working experience as creative director in new media and advertising industry, she has been appointed Chair of Art Gallery in SIGGRAPH Asia 2011.

  • Hong Kong #3

  • Simon Haenggi

    Simon Haenggi is an interaction designer, musician, media artist and entrepreneur born in Basel, Switzerland. During his studies at institute Hyperwerk at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, he realized projects that mainly focused on human computer interaction and explored the joyful and magical sides of playing with technology. After developing a prototype of…

  • New website

    Today is the launch of the new website for This happened. Whilst it may not look so different from the previous site, there have been various visual tweeks, but all of the work has gone on behind the scenes. The last website was made up of static files, but the new website has a content…

  • Kevin Wong

    Kevin Wong is the founder and Creative Director of WHY INTERACTIVE, an independent, full service design house specializing in online creativity and interactive works. He didn’t start his career as a designer but rather a web programmer. However, his natural talent and sense on art and design deeply impressed his fellows who, as a result,…

  • Zoie So

    Zoie So is currently a teaching fellow at the Visual Studies Department, Lingnan University, where she teaches digital imaging, electronic art and video art. So’s work explores the materiality and opacity of human-machine interfaces. So constructs intimate, playful and intellectually challenging spaces, using methods such as appropriation, encoding and programming, and a diverse range of…

  • Winnie Soon

    Winnie Soon is a transdisciplinary artist, researcher and digital media practitioner born in Hong Kong. Her projects often explores the intersection of art & technology through a variety of medium & experiments with communication technologies.Her artistic practice ranges from mobile video, interactive media to installation, often examined cultural issues and oriented towards experimental networked media,…

  • Bryan Chung

    Bryan CHUNG Wai-ching was born in Hong Kong and studied locally and in London. Currently an assistant professor (interactive art) at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, he focuses primarily on interactive media projects, ranging from CD-ROM, interactive installations to Internet installations. His works have been exhibited widely in Europe and Asia.…

  • Kingsley Ng

    Kingsley Ng graduated in New Media Art from the Ryerson University in Toronto and Contemporary Art from Le Fresnoy – National Studio of Contemporary Arts in France. He has received numerous awards, such as the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Award 2009 and the Gold Medal for the IFVA 2007 Interactive Media category. Kingsley will…

  • Keith Lam

    Keith Lam is Artistic Director of a new media art group “dimension+’, who awarded the Award for Young Artist (Film & Media Arts) of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2008. His artworks have been invited to numerous festivals around the world including ArsElectronica Festival (Austria), FILE 2009 (Brazil, SauPualo), Split Film Festival (Croatia), etc. Keith…

  • Jason Lam

    1a space is an independent and non-profit making visual art organization founded by a collective of Hong Kong art workers in 1998. It is an open platform to cultivate and nurture local artistic talents with aims to promote the critical dissemination of contemporary visual arts practices and affiliated art forms. Jason Lam, a creative programmer…

  • Hon Him

    Chris Cheung (Hon Him) is a media artist who favors in audiovisual and interaction design. He also worked as a composer who involved in commercial music and film soundtrack. Hon Him will talk about his installation work named ‘The happiness of fish’, using fish as part of the performer to control the sound and visual.…

  • Hong Kong #2

  • Hong Kong #1

  • London #6