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  • Rainer Kohlberger

    Rainer Kohlberger

    Rainer Kohlberger is an independent visual artist based in Berlin. The¬†concept and installation design for theTHESEUS Innovation Center Internet of Things was done in collaboration with Thomas Schrott and is the basis for the visual identity of the technology platform. The installation connects and visually creates hierarchy between knowledge, products and services with a combination…

  • Blendid


    Blendid is an interaction design collective consisting of David Kousemaker and Tim Olden. They’ve focused their work on the design and making of experimental interfaces. David and Tim will talk about their latest project named¬†Swarm, a six meters wide light sculpture consisting of almost 500 elements that change their color in reaction to the people…

  • Universal Everything

    Universal Everything


  • United Visual Artists

    United Visual Artists


  • Cinimod Studio

    Cinimod Studio

    Peter Coffin UFO

  • Moritz Waldemeyer

    Moritz Waldemeyer

    Hussein Chalayan