Diederiekje Bok & Hein Mevissen

Diederiekje Bok and Hein Mevissen are the founders of full-service advertising John Doe Amsterdam known for their prize winning international MTV work and other international campaigns. Besides being busy for brands and clients at John Doe, Bok and Mevissen started in 2006 developing, creating and designing the world’s simplest phone called John’s Phone. The important idea was to create a phone that comes unlocked, works worldwide and has a battery life stronger than any other phone in the world. Standby time is more than 3 weeks. John’s Phone is a dumb phone, a provocative, no frills anti-smart phone. The introduction was a huge, international success with buzz in social media campaign via @johndoeams. Fast Company Design named John’s Phone as one of the 12 best ideas in interface design 2010. BERG London’s Tom Armitage describes the phone as “A device that is a delight every time you pick it up.