Lizzy Bakker

Lizzy Bakker works on content strategy and development for NorthernLight. The Amsterdam-based company uses digital technologies to conceive, design, build and install exhibitions for museums and science centres, creating environments where learning, discovery and entertainment go hand in hand.

Through 3 examples she worked on (Philips Museum of Innovation, Museum Volkenkunde and Vilvite Science Centre) she discusses refreshing approaches to test exhibition ideas with the public – collaborations between the museum and its visitors. Because of the obvious limitations in time, money, and existing working methods, evaluating ideas is a part of the design process that is easily omitted. That’s a real shame, because testing methods can be more effortless than designers might think. Spending only a few hours with a couple of small focus groups can significantly improve the designs, without consuming a single nail. Lizzy shares and discusses experiences and approaches in design evaluation, to get insight in easy to incorporate testing methods.