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  • Sean Williams

    Sean Williams

    Dr Sean Williams is a Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow at the  Reid School of Music, University of Edinburgh with a keen interest in electronic music and its performance practice. In order to understand  the nature of creative music practice Sean designs and builds  electronic instruments, sometimes closely based on historical ones used by Karlheinz […]

  • Alan Brown

    Alan Brown

    Alan Brown is a visual artist working with installation, moving image and technology. his work deals with the modes and difficulties of human communication. In a globalised world, where technology and social media determine much of the way we exchange information and communicate with each other, he is interested in the ways people use and […]

  • Lauren Hayes

    Lauren Hayes

    Lauren Sarah Hayes is a composer/performer/improviser from Glasgow. Her practice explores new strategies for live electronic performance by investigating the performer’s physical relationship with the digital realm. Her background is in piano, mathematics and philosophy, all of which inform her solo performance work and current research towards a PhD in Creative Music Practice at the University of Edinburgh. She enjoys performing […]

  • Michael Smyth

    Michael Smyth

    Michael Smyth is the Coordinator of the UrbanIxD project that is funded under the EU FP7 programme and is part of the FET Open initiative. The project will define and consolidate a coherent research community working in the domain of technologically augmented, data-rich environments; with particular focus of the human activities, experiences and behaviours that occur […]

  • Edinburgh #10

    Edinburgh #10

  • Oleg Suran

    Oleg Suran

    A series of interaction design workshops took place in Split (Croatia) and Maribor (Slovenia). Desktop Olympics was designed during interaction design workshop held at Magdalena festival in Maribor. It is an offshoot of the Olympic Summer and Winter Games, representing contemporary Olympic Games trough critical design approach. Just like the ancient Greeks turned their everyday […]

  • Martin Brynskov

    Martin Brynskov, Ph.D., is associate professor in interaction technologies at the Department of Aesthetics and Communication at Aarhus University in Denmark. He is also research fellow at Participatory IT Centre (PIT) and Center for Advanced Visualization and Interaction (CAVI), director of the Digital Design Lab, co-founder of Smart Aarhus, and former director of the Civic […]

  • Gianluca Zaffiro

    Gianluca Zaffiro is with the Trends group at Telecom Italia’s Future Centre, part of the Strategy department. He explores how emerging technologies impacts on the Telecommunications business in order to contribute to the company’s strategic steering. He was responsible for the Market Interaction activities in the European FP6 Coordination Action PEACH on Presence from 2006 […]

  • Varun Nair

    Varun Nair began as a sound designer for film and television in India and has now found himself becoming a businessman, interaction designer and app developer. He is a graduate of the MSc Sound Design programme from the University of Edinburgh and is co-founder of TwoBigEars, a company that designs context and location aware technology […]

  • Shenando Stals

    Shenando Stals recently obtained his master degree in interaction design. For his master thesis project “Personal Relationships with the City”, which was a collaboration between Edinburgh Napier University and the Eindhoven University of Technology, he explored how people experience the city at an individual level by walking with people through the city in order to […]

  • Edinburgh #9

    Edinburgh #9

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  • Ericka Duffy

    I am an artist, photographer and writer who currently resides in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was born and raised in Southern Ontario, Canada where I studied Comparative Religious Studies, Womens’ Studies, Literature and Film Studies at the University Of Toronto. I continued my studies in Law and Latin American Politics at the University of Auckland, New […]

  • Steven Mackie

    For the last three years the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University has entered the Edinburgh 48h Film Project, a fun and demanding international event which challenges participants to write shoot and edit a film in just 48 hours. After a whirlwind weekend the films are screened to packed out audiences in the Cameo Cinema, the […]

  • Skye Reynolds

    Skye Reynolds is Dance Artist in Residence with Imaginate, North Edinburgh Arts and Dance Base. Over the past 18 months she has been developing ways to create interactive dance experiences via sound technology. This journey has included a variety of explorations and is currently focused on using the ‘Wii’ to compose music in performance. To […]

  • John Vines

    John Vines is an interaction designer and Knowledge Exchange Associate at Culture Lab, Newcastle University. Whilst his training is in design, his research encompasses social and cognitive science, gerontology, and digital art. Much of his work explores ways in which the values of groups who are typically disenfranchised from participating in the digital economy might […]

  • Edinburgh #8

  • Andy Farnell

    Andy Farnell is a computer scientist from the UK specialising in audio DSP and synthesis. Author of “Designing Sound”, pioneering original research in the field of procedural audio. He is a visiting professor at several European universities and consultant to game and audio technology companies. A long-time advocate of free open source software, open access […]

  • Oli Mival

    Oli Mival Dr Oli Mival is the Senior Research Fellow at Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Interaction Design and Director of the Future Interaction Network. He consults for a variety of industrial clients including the NHS, RBS, Toshiba, the FBI and California State Police. Before returning to academia Oli was the managing director of award […]

  • Dave Murray-Rust

    Dave Murray-Rust[1] is a scientist and creative technologist at the University of Edinburgh, playing with sound, music, computers and interaction. ChaoDependant[2] is a collaboration with Owen Green[3] and Agelos Papadakis[4], exploring invisibly structured spaces using a magnetic pendulum, sensors, lights and a reactive soundscape, along with tactile glasswork. It invites people to interact, to play […]

  • Jonnet Middleton

    Jonnet Middleton is an art activist doing a PhD on mending at Highwire, Lancaster University. Unitypanda is an experiment in panda diplomacy which, using web 2.0 methodologies for analogue interaction, created knitted pandas that the Chinese government received as diplomatic gifts.

  • Edinburgh #7

  • Jefferies and Layne

    Janis Jefferies is an artist writer and curator, Professor of Visual Arts at the Department of Computing, Goldsmiths University of London and Artistic Director of Goldsmiths Digital Studios. Barbara Layne is a Professor of Studio Arts at Concordia University in Montreal and a founding member of the Hexagram Institute for Media Arts and Technologies where […]

  • Patrick Tobias Fischer

    Patrick Tobias Fischer is an Urban HCI researcher and PhD student at Strathclyde University. The SMSlingshot is an interventionist approach by the VR/Urban collective for reclaiming urban screens for public use.

  • John O’Shea

    John O’Shea is an artist who works with (and against) technology to open up unspoken questions concerning the “values” embedded in everyday transactions. Adopting open-source development strategies and understanding ‘law’ as a creative medium, The Meat Licence Proposal is a project seeking to build a bridge between citizen and lawmaker through the collaborative development of […]

  • Brigitta Zics

    Brigitta Zics is an artist, interaction designer and media philosopher who investigates the creative and affective potential of emerging technologies to develop new ways of communication between human and machine. Mind Cupola explores the creative potential of eye-movement and applies the philosophical concept of the cognitive-feedback loop to trigger novel aesthetic experiences of the participant.

  • Daniel Schulze

    Daniel Schulze is a student at Universität der Künste, Berlin. “For those who see” is an installation comprising a 7 x 7 matrix display using vortexed air. This piece is the winner of the Audience Award for the Create10 Student Design Competition.

  • David England

    David England is Head of Computing at Liverpool John Moores University. He has been working with artists on Interaction projects for the last 20 years. Whole Body Interaction – integrating the whole person as an engineering, design and philosophical approach to interactive systems

  • Jonathan Hamilton

    Jonathan Hamilton is a Senior Lecturer in BA and MA Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University. He was one of the UK’s leading 3D montage illustrators in the 90s and has worked in digital video productions in the last ten years. He is particularly interested in cross-disciplinary collaboration and the mix of old and new […]

  • Elena Nazzi & Naveen Bagalkot

    Elena Nazzi is a PhD student at the IT University of Copenhagen, looking for embodied ways of sharing information about everyday activities with everyday artifacts for social interaction. Naveen Bagalkot is an architect and industrial designer, currently attempting to do interaction design research. Senior Interaction focuses on senior citizens as everyday innovators and explores an […]

  • Di Mainstone

    Fashion-artist and inventor, Di Mainstone creates body-centric structures for experimental performance. A playful choreography of fashion, technology and performance, her work is an interactive hybrid, made whole by the intrepid curiosity of the user. Musical prosthetics, kinetic couture, wearable graffiti, body-architecture and sensory-skins are just some of the devices Mainstone has fashioned. A collaboration with […]

  • Jon Oberlander

    Jon Oberlander is a cognitive scientist based in the School of Informatics at Edinburgh, investigating how to get computers to talk like you and me. Inspace is a new living lab for experimentation and public engagement, exploring the cultural significance of informatics and new media practice. The project has taken five years from original concept […]

  • ~ in the fields

    Nicole Heidtke and Stefan Baumberger / ~ in the fields was founded in 2005 in Edinburgh. ~ in the fields’ current interests focus on “borrowed time” and memorialisation – initiated by a residency at Highland Hospice. In collaboration with the poet Ken Cockburn they worked on a book project about handwiting, inscriptions and ink. ink […]

  • John Harris

    John Harris is a composer, artistic director of the Red Note Ensemble, and director of the Seven Things record label. Seven Things happened to John (or maybe John happened to Seven Things). Their story is going to be offered as a cautionary tale to keep all aspiring and self-motivated musicians awake at night.

  • Andy Miah

    Professor Andy Miah, BA, MPhil, PhD, is Chair of Ethics and Emerging Technologies in the Faculty of Business & Creative Industries at the University of the West of Scotland, Fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, USA and Fellow at FACT, the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, UK. He will discuss new […]

  • Paul Rodgers and Euan Winton

    Paul Rodgers is (from Nov 09) Professor in Design Thinking at Northumbria University’s School of Design and the author of 5 books and over 100 academic papers as well as juggling teaching, researching and doing design. Euan Winton is Course Leader in Design and Digital Arts at Edinburgh Napier University and is a member of […]

  • Sarah Drummond and Lauren Currie

    Sarah Drummond is an award winning service designer from Glasgow who has a passion for design led innovation within the public sector. With an enthusiasm for service design, design thinking and social innovation, Lauren Currie believes that designers have the ability to assist social and cultural change. mypolice is an innovative online police feedback tool […]

  • Michael Salmond

    Michael Salmond is Senior Lecturer of Interactive Media Design at Northumbria University, UK; his research and art practice focus on hybrid cultures, tourism and videogame art. Hybrid Journeys is an ongoing series of video contemplations on the points of overlap in tourism, colonialism, transport and real versus conceptual space. The series covers a wide range […]

  • Peter Pratt

    Peter Pratt is a Senior Analyst/Developer for the Applications division at the University of Edinburgh, spending the majority of his career developing Web Applications, working in a range of technologies (Coldfusion, Perl, PHP and Java). The Walking Through Time prototype creates a connection between place and time using historical maps and GPS, using a web […]

  • Jen Southern

    Jen Southern is an artist who has been working with gps, robotics, videogames and mobile phones as aspects of physical installations for the past 15 years, and is currently doing a PhD in the Sociology Department at Lancaster University. She will talk about Running Stitch a collaborative GPS and sewing project with Canadian artists Jen […]

  • Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

    Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, is a Canadian industrial and interaction designer and co-founder of! a design and technology consultancy in London and Milan. Alex will talk about Hop. Part game, part performance, Hop is an augmented version of the traditional hopscotch game. A chalked out version of the game invites visitors to the exhibition to play […]

  • Andrew Spitz

    Andrew Spitz is a sound designer interested in how sound can be integrated in various contexts. Tweet A Sound Bio: Promoting the idea of social sound design? Tweet A Sound allows you to share sonic tweets via Twitter.

  • Ben Dembroski

    Ben Dembroski is a Glasgow based artist investigating the how to best exploit the economies of the digital without sacrificing his love of the object. Project2891 is focused on developing a series of sculptural devices (called nodes) capable of communicating with each other via the net or other electronic means.

  • Yann Seznec

    Yann Seznec is a musician, sound designer, software developer. His work designing creative music software for the Nintendo Wii remote has garnered internet, press, and TV coverage around the world, including features in Make Magazine, The Independent, Develop, and appearances on Bravo, Scottish Television Network, and BBC’s Dragons’ Den. In addition, Yann is an accomplished […]

  • Zoë Irvine

    Zoë Irvine is a sound artist who lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work ranges from carefully crafted individual pieces for gallery spaces to the creation of platforms, inviting others to participate. DIAL-A-DIVA harks back to the period of the theatrophone, a broadcasting medium from the 1880s to 1920s. It connected opera houses and […]

  • Henrik Ekeus

    Henrik Ekeus is a musician, media artist and researcher associated with Edinburgh University. He will talk about his work with GPS and geo-tagged media, including some pretty intense data-mining of the rapidly growing Flickr data set of geo-referenced images. This massive repository of images forms a sort of collective ‘Memory Space’ of human events and […]

  • Jon Rogers

    Jon Rogers (School of Design, University of Dundee) has been working between the fields of Interaction and Product Design for a decade, working closely with students, practitioners and academics. His particular specialism is the integration of electronics within products/services. “Using digital technologies for products that explore a person’s needs is great. But we know that. […]

  • Jamie Allen

    Jamie Allen makes art and sound with his head and hands. He is a multimedia artist working in performance and installation, and has recently relocated from New York City to Newcastle Upon Tyne to start up a new program in Digital Media based at the Culture Lab. He will be talking about a piece completed […]

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